Boral Construction Materials is vastly aware of our changing climate and delicate environment.  Furthermore we recognize our responsibiity in managing our resources and manufacturing activities in a sustainable way.  We are continually working on our role as an environmentally conscious supplier of construction materials. Our goal with regards to sustainability is to contribute positively to our community with as little impact on our environment as possible.

Boral Construction Materials has an Environmental Strategic Plan in place with a focus in eight main areas:

  • Health & Safety Management
  • Energy & Greenhouse Gas Reduction
  • Water Conservation
  • Waste Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Social Performance & Company Perception
  • Sustainable Products
  • Communications, Training and Employee Involvement

BSDT Results

Our Progress in 2007

The key sustainability measuring tool is the Boral Sustainability Diagnostic Tool (BSDT). In 2007 our total score jumped 26% to a 3.0, which represents "Industry Best Practice". We measure and monitor our performance and progress in many ways.